Mixing Science with Art

Moving to a new country opened my eyes to what lies beneath my feet.
I have come to believe that one of the perks of being an artist gives you perfect reason to look at everything as potential creative fodder.
Hence my studio is filled with little strange collections of walking expeditions around Orapiu.
Rock Oyster shells feature in one corner, bird skulls in another.

I am curating a sculpture exhibition at the end of March. Title: Weather or Not.
I have pondered trying to use flexible solar panels to collect sunlight in the top of a large mussel buoy and transferring the energy to LED lights.
At night the LED’s would project light through patterns that I would cut into the body of the black mussel buoy. Here are my doodlings trying to work towards reality.

This is the actual size of one of the buoys.

Buoy's turned into water tanks.

Buoy’s turned into water tanks.

From here I have been watching you tube clips about connecting solar panels to LED light etc.
At the end of this journey I have learned about solar panels and the value of research.

This is not for me at this moment. Will put this seed of an idea away for another day.
Back to the beach to get some new inspiration.

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On the set of “the master and the muse”

Belinda Wilson and I have been plotting and planning our way into an artful collaboration.
I envision our venture to be a merging of the Master and the Muse. Belinda and I show up at our proverbial easels, with pretty diverse skill sets.
Monday Belinda is taking the ferry from Auckland to Orapiu. We will beachcomb and tackle our collected subject matter from a master and muse perspective.
Better charge all my camera batteries. Please don’t rain until we are inside the studio!

Master is defined as: a person with exceptional skill (painting)

Belinda Wilson

Belinda Wilson

Muse is defined as: goddess that inspires a creative artist

Rock Oyster

Rock Oyster

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Week One Summer Art Class

I am looking for two people a day during the week of January 6 – 10, who want to walk along the shell bank on Orapiu Bay.
The classes that I have designed focus on looking at the shell bank through your artist’s eye. You will collect things that you are drawn to.
I will help you take photos of your treasures and zoom into them with Picassa. This is then the springboard for your drawing and painting.

One day at a time art classes…Studying the shell bank through your artist’s eye.
$150 per person, includes lunch and materials. Bring your digital camera or smartphone.

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Weather or Not

I have had a visceral reaction to not being able to create. Long overdue hand surgery (carpal Tunnel and trigger finger release) on my left hand. I am six weeks down the road from the surgery and I hear my studio calling. Each year around this time I am busily finishing a series of paintings for my exhibition at Kennedy Point Vineyard. This year is different. Big changes in the wind for me. So to start this new year properly I am curating a sculpture exhibition at Kennedy Point and have invited; Linda Young, Jeff Young, Bryan and Gael Gartrell, Maria and Jay Lloyd, Matthew Muir and Sharon Adrichem. A few others are still deciding if they are able to participate.

Each sculpture will be constructed from at least 50% recycled materials.
The theme and title is Weather Or Not.
As my sculpture unfolds I will endeavour to share my learning curve. I will need to learn about solar panels and led lights to make the sculpture. A found Mussel Buoy that collects sun to create a light at night and an anemometer on top to show wind speed with artistic flair. Once a science teacher…Always a science student.
Let the learning begin!
painting on plexi

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Summer Art Workshops on Orapiu Bay

marketplace dec kelley diener

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Trey and Abi

Trey’s birthday present to Abi…two days with Kelley.
She happened to book when the pohutukawa’s were blooming…right before Christmas…right before their wedding….
Abi and I are the only ones that know what is written beneath the layers of this painting. Maybe Trey will know too some day.

Meet the Christmas flower in New Zealand. It’s almost summer but hey, it is red and green y’all.

This is Abi creating her wedding present.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Summer 2014 Classes

Hey all you people who crave a shot of creative energy to start off your new year…Come visit me at the bottom end of Waiheke Island, just a short ferry from Auckland, New Zealand.
We will take nature walks in the bush and on the beach with camera in hand. We will collect shells on the beach and put together a shadowed still life. We will sketch live in the blooming garden. We will use technology to open our artist’s eye. Then there’s the food. (and wine)

marketplace dec kelley diener

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