Five very creative days with Oonagh Harpur

Oonagh Harpur and I worked together for five days to take a children’s board book and turn it in to an extremely personal memorial to her father. In five days you really get to know someone. I feel as if I met a Father  through a loving daughter’s eyes.  The title of the book is: Dad…a garden of memories.
This book has every bit of mixed media you can imagine in it. Laser transfers, textural free torn collage flowers, drawing and painting, digital image editing and important words.  Sounds a bit over the top and not really art? Well, if you had been a fly on the wall in my studio you would undoubtedly been overpowered by the artistic enegy.  I know and Oonagh knows how artfully crafted this book is. 
Here is a garden of memories by Oonah Harpur.

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About waiheke getaway art workshops

I am an ex-pat american living on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. I am a mixed media artist who has developed a luscious lifestyle that combines painting with seasonal veggie garden, cooking, walking, drinking wine and conversations with creative people.
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One Response to Five very creative days with Oonagh Harpur

  1. Iain says:

    Just beautiful Kelley. As always. The way you transform the humble book into such expressive artistic form is truly wonderful. While working ‘inside the square’ you are thinking ‘outside the square’. Keep it up. You could make a name for yourself one day!

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